face wash


Like the Goddess
Madame Pele; be beautiful and
enrich society with
strength and passion.

The Goddess Madame Pele is said to live in the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii island, she is a very well-known and unique goddess among the gods and goddesses around the world.

People who live in the Hawaiian islands never forget to find God's appearance in nature and live with respect and awe.

People of the Hawaiian Island are completely embraced in the vast ocean and live on active volcanic islands have been promised a happy life by accepting all of nature.

Goddess Madame Pele, is a very warm and loving Goddess.

Through our skin care we would like to enrich society with beauty, strength and passion like the Goddess Madame Pele and we want to be a company that can heal many people like the Hawaiian wind the Goddess Madame Pele lives within.

- Because of her strength and healing abilities, we used the name of the Goddess Pele as Our company name.

Skin Care

Pele's grace's management philosophy is:

& Moisture.

"Care for your skin & feel the beauty within you"

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