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The Pele Grace Journey

The quest for beautiful skin never stops, and at Pele’s Grace we know how important the health of your skin needs to be in order to achieve it . We started in Japan thirteen years ago and have continued to work hard to offer more than just standard skincare products. We go above and beyond to provide the skincare essentials to empower each person to feel beautiful and live with the same strength and passion as the inspiration of our company, the Goddess, Madame Pele.

Said to live on Kilauea volcano, Madame Pele’s focus on strength, passion and healing has formed the basis of what we do, and it continues to do so as we expand our reach to more and more people.

Madame Pele’s example has taught us a great deal, including the fact that true beauty requires a loving heart.

- Last year was a big year for us, as it signified our ability to finally bring our skincare products to Hawaii and the West Coast. We are proud to bring our vision to our US family and are very grateful for our growing memberships.

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The Pele Grace Philosophy

We keep our philosophy of ‘love, passion, gratitude and moisture” at the heart of everything we do. Our focus is to offer skincare solutions that put smiles on the faces of all the women and men who use our products as well as remind them that they too deserve time for self-love and self-care.

Much to our delight, we are creating a community of members who have many goals and desires in common that work together to create a place to live, thrive and feel beautiful while supporting their families as well as each other. We aim to provide love-led skincare and business opportunities for everyone. And, we do it all with gratitude at heart.

We couldn’t be more thankful to every single one of our members, who have helped us spread our skincare products.